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July 2018 Box

Hey there! Hope you’ve been snoozing well!

Today we’ll get into our July 2018 box!


Tranquil Sleep Soy Wax Melts

These wax melts are highly scented and made in small batches to ensure freshness.

These wax cubes smell and feel amazing.  It’s definitely a unique way of experiencing aroma therapy! Each package come with 6 break away pieces. You can place one in different areas in your home or just place it in your bedroom for relaxation! They last for quite some time too! Another brilliant way of addressing insomnia.


Megan’s Marvelous Medicinals – Sleep Easy Tea


If you’re into bed time teas, you’ll really like this one! Easy to brew, smells and tastes great! Brew and enjoy a cup an hour before bed and you’ll fall asleep before you even notice it! Tastes even better with just a teaspoon of honey! Each bag lasts for a few weeks depends on how often it’s consumed. Each serving requires just a teaspoon full of tea so you won’t run out soon!


BackYardPatch – Special Pillow Sachets of Relaxation

We had never even heard of these before until a few weeks ago! These are just small sachets filled with relaxing herbs. All you need to do is put one inside your pillow case that you sleep on and that’s it! Let the natural scent of the herbs work their magic all night long! It lasts quite some time . Simply take it out of your pillow case before the laundry day so you can re-use it!


EarthWiseOrganics – PassionFlower Capsules



Passionflower is known to induce relaxation naturally. It works on your body’s GABA receptors similar to many other herbs/pharmaceuticals minus the nasty side effects! It’s been studied countless times and is very commonly used for relaxation and anxiety. These capsules are all organic. Each bottle has 24 capsules. Take one before bed!


Let us know how you like these! Happy snoozes until next time!

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