What's In The Box? Herbs To Help You Sleep

Natural Ingredients For Better Sleep

Are you looking to improve your poor sleep habits without taking pharmaceutical drugs? Snooze Box provides the natural solutions you need.

Each month you’ll receive a variety of non-habit forming sleep aids right to your door, helping you achieve that much needed sleep you crave.

Vitamins and Minerals


Our knowledgeable team understands the power of vitamins and minerals in boosting mood and helping you create a sense of relaxation. We handpick a variety of combinations for you to try every month, ensuring you find the perfect formula for a better night’s sleep.


We also include a variety of herbs that are scientifically proven to assist with the process of sleep. These may consist of lavender, peppermint, valerian, lemon balm, and much more. Best of all, these herbs don’t have side effects like you’d find in many pharmaceutical drugs.

Herbs have been utilized for many centuries thanks to their inherent healing benefits. Plus, they are all-natural, coming straight from plants.

We only include the best herbs to help you sleep.


Looking for a relaxing tea to alleviate your insomnia? Your Snooze Box will come with a variety of tasty options ranging from chamomile to lemongrass, spearmint to orange blossoms, and tilia flowers to blackberry leaves.

Teas are also a great remedy for stomach aches, soar throats, and other kinds of discomfort.

Essential Oils & Aroma Therapy

Essential oils are a great sleep aid alternative for people who don’t like ingesting substances. They promote relaxation and calm the nervous system through simple application on the skin.

Focusing on your body’s physiology, essential oils can provide a direct benefit on your brain from simple inhalation or through absorption into the skin. Their organic compounds will begin working within minutes to help you get right to sleep.

Numerous studies on aromatherapy have shown that this practice can decrease anxiety and improve overall sleep quality.

Bath Bombs & Salts

In case soaking in the tub was one of your favorite past times, we’ll supply you with several bath bombs and salts to help you reach your optimal levels of calmness and tranquility.

When combining these with your essential oils, you are certain to strike the right balance for achieving a great night’s sleep.

The Best Natural Sleep Aids Delivered

The science of sleep is always evolving, which is why our team works tirelessly to unearth new and effective ways of getting you that amazing night’s sleep you deserve.

There’s no better feeling that opening a fresh box each month to discover new natural sleep possibilities.